Minutes of the PNTF Board Meeting of April 21, 2008

President Patti Petesch called the meeting to order in the Board Room
of the Seattle Parks and Recreation Headquarters Building at 7:05 p.m.
Those present were: Patti Petesch, Neal Stoddard, Darlene Hickman,
Bill Hickman, Carole Langenbach, Becca Gillespy, Doris Heritage,
George Mathews, and Bob Langenbach.

    A. Minutes: The minutes of the February 18, 2008 Board Meeting
    were approved as published on the PNTF web site. Note: The minutes for
    the last several years are posted on the PNTF web site, www.pntf.org.
    B. Treasurer's Report: Gwen Robertson was not present, but had
    prepared and faxed her report to Carole to distribute. The report was
    approved unanimously. The totals as of April 1, 2008 were Youth -
    $16,884.18; Open - $7,530.30; Open Chairman's Fund -- $4,056.00;
    Masters - $8,984.18; General (officials) - $919.52; Fred Dean Youth
    Travel Fund -- $7,021.92; and General - $18,887.81.
    C. President's Report: Patti reported that Dan Johnson would be
    overseeing the renovation of the West Seattle Stadium north grandstand's
    restores. Construction items will be stored near 100 meters start
    area. George Mathews asked Patti if the tent that is stored there
    could be moved to the area at the West End of the south grandstand.
    Seattle Prep has approached Parks about purchasing West Seattle
    Stadium. Patti said PNTF needs to tell Parks how valuable it is
    because it is the only complete T&F facility in the city. Patti will
    write the letter from PNTF. Darlene Hickman and Doris Heritage
    volunteered to be on the letter writing committee. Becca Gillespy
    suggested that Lance Giles be on it also, and Patti said she would ask
    Andy Soden, the head of the Seattle Golf courses and overseer of
    Lake Spanaway Golf Course when PNTF hosted the World Cross Country
    Trials there in 1999, is looking to have a major Cross Country race on
    one of the Seattle Golf courses. Bob Springer has already re-reviewed
    Jefferson, which was a candidate in 1999, for a proper course there.
  2. Patti said the Seattle Schools have accepted the up to $10,000 offer
    from the Youth Committee to purchase new and proper Pole Vault landing
    pads. The Youth Committee is hoping to get some writedown on use of
    school facilities. She has also sent a letter to all PNTF Youth Clubs
    reminding them to renew before May 1st or pay a $100 late renewal fee.
    The JO's have fixed the dates for entry deadline. She also reminded
    all clubs to have their coaches and volunteers screened, if they have
    "alone" time with the athletes. PNTF members have purchased a table at
    the Fred Dean Memorial Golf Tournament dinner to be held on April
    D. Vice President's Report: Char Engelhardt was not present.
    E. Membership Report: Janell Kaufman had not responded to Carole's
    request for the counts. This is the 3rd month with no membership
    F. Office Manager: Carole Langenbach reported that PNTF's bulk
    mailing permit has been revoked as we have not used it in over two
  4. A. Fred Dean Youth Travel Fund: Patti Petesch said the
    preparation for the Fred Dean Memorial Golf Tournament to be held
    April 25th at Newcastle Golf Course is going very well.
    B. GNAC 2009 and 2010 T&F and XC Championships: Doris Heritage
    said she gave the PNTFOA all the information on the dates for the
    events. PNTFOA has placed the dates for the events for both years on
    their calendar and will help officiate.
    C. Hytek Organizational License: Kenny was not present, but Patti
    thinks that the Youth gave permission to incorporate their Hytek into
    a PNTF Hytek Organizational License.
    D. Reimbursement to PNTF from USATF for Association Workshop:
    Patti said she would contact Sherry Quack again to see where the check
    E. IRS 990-EZ: Carole said Doug Chandler had submitted PNTF's
  6. A. USATF Vice President Candidate: Darlene Hickman announced that
    she would be a candidate in the 2008 elections. It was moved,
    seconded, and approved unanimously that PNTF endorse and support her
    B. Bob Walsh: Patti Petesch says Bob Walsh sends his greetings to
    PNTF. She is teaching a course for the University of Washington, and
    he will be assisting her.
  8. A. Youth: Asha Dean was not present. Patti reported the new Youth
    Officers elected in March are: President - Asha Dean; Treasurer - Char
    Engelhardt; Vice President for Cross Country - Darryl Genest; Vice
    President for Track and Field - Patti Petesch; Secretary - Holly
    Genest; Chief of Operations - Kenny Emerick.
    B.. Open: Tom Cotner was not present.
    a) MUT: Scott McCoubry was not present.
  9. C. Masters: George Mathews said they had a dinner meeting prior
    to this at Whole Foods. They reviewed the calendar, and are ready for
    the Spring Fling and the Seattle Classic/PNTF Championships/NW
    Regional Championships. Preparation is ongoing for the Weight and
    Super Weight to be held in September. There is $500 available from
    USATF for putting on a masters clinic. George noted he got elected two
    months ago when Ken Weinbel had to resign for health reasons. George
    said Ken would appreciate cards while he is rehabbing. Ken Weinbel,
    Day Star, 2615 SW Barton St. Apt. 3-220, Seattle WA 98126.
    a) Results: Neal Stoddard reported there were two PNTF Champions
    at the World Masters Championships in France: Steve Robbins 65-69 60
    meter dash and George Mathews 60-64 Weight Throw.
    b) Events: Neal reported the Spring Fling and NW Regional RW
    Championship will be on April 26th at West Seattle Stadium. The first
    PNTF Road Championship will be the 8-km at the Beat the Bridge on May
    D. RaceWalk: Stan Chraminski was not present.
    E. Officials
    a). PNTFOA: Neal Stoddard had not attended the last meeting, but
    Geof Newing had samples of the spike gages they had laser cut marked
    with PNTFOA contact information. Darlene Hickman asked Carole to send
    a gage to Karen Krsak.
    b). Certification and Training: Bill Hickman announced that PNTF
    had presented two Introduction to Officiating Clinics, one in Tacoma
    and one in Seattle.
    F. Web Site: Bob Springer was not present. Webmaster Becca
    Gillespy said it is up to date, and apologized for being a bit slow in
    getting some items up. She has been doing some modifications to the
    G. Associations Committee: Bill Roe was not present. He has been
    spending most of his time in Indianapolis.
    H. USATF BoD: Bill Roe was not present.
  10. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
  11. Respectfully submitted,
  12. Bob Langenbach
    PNTF Secretary