The next PNTF Board Meeting will be August 17, 2009 at the Seattle Parks and Recreation Building, 100 Dexter Ave. North in Seattle.

Minutes of the PNTF Board Meeting of June 15, 2009


President William Hickman called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. in the Seattle Parks and Recreation Building at 100 Dexter Ave. N.  In addition to President Hickman, the following were present: Ivars Ikstrums, Lawrie Robertson, Stan Chraminski, Bev McCall, Tom Cotner, Darlene Hickman, Patti Petesch, Gwen Robertson, Carole Langenbach, Bob Springer, Neal Stoddard, and Bob Langenbach.  President Hickman asked Ivars to introduce himself as his was a fairly new face.



A.    Minutes: It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes of the April 2009 PNTF Board meeting as published on the web site.  The motion was approved unanimously.

B.    Treasurer's Report: Gwen Robertson handed out her report as of June 9, 2009. It was moved, and seconded to approve the report. Passed unanimously. The balances in the various accounts are: Youth $13,303.68; Open $8,604.57; Open Chair Fund $3,255.00; Masters $7,771.83; General Officials $1,887.54; Fred Dean Youth Travel $5,878.60; and General $19,172.69.

C.    President's Report: President Hickman said he had received information from USATF Youth Chair Lionel Leach about discount airfares for the National JO T&F Championships in Greensboro NC.  He said the State 4A, 3A, and 2A State Meet in Tacoma was SUPERB!!!  It was so well run the Referee had time to take pictures.  Jennifer Kubista, the Mt Tahoma HS AD did a very good job.

D.    Vice President's Report: Kwajalein Griffin was not present.

E.    Membership Report: Tracy Silva e-mailed membership totals as of June 15th.  There were 680 Youth, 249 Open, 457 Masters, and 47 Clubs thus far for the 2009 membership year.

F.    Office Manager's Report: Carole Langenbach happily reported that Carmen Triplet who does the sanctions at the USATF National Office now has a 1-800 number that goes directly into her computer so there is no more problem with bad faxes.  She sorrowfully reported that Bill Edgar of the Pacific Association who many PNTF Officials had officiated with passed away recently.  He will be missed.


A.    Fred Dean Foundation: Chair Asha Dean was not present.  Patti Petesch reported that Asha and the committee had decided to do a smaller version of the golf tournament and banquet.  It will be Friday August 7, 2009 at the Newcastle Golf Club.  A celebration will be on Thursday August 6th at Chandlers Crab House.  It will not be a dinner, instead it will be heavy on hors d'oeuvres, conversation, and camaraderie.  Patti said the Foundation still has not completed the paperwork to become 501(c)(3).  Patti and Gregory Dean, Asha's uncle, will be helping with the paperwork.

B.    Hytek Independent Contractors License: Kenny Emerick was not present.

C.    Golf Course Cross Country: Bob Springer reported that the National Office had not received PNTF's bid.  Bill Roe is finalizing the bid package for 2010, 2011, and 2012 Fall Nationals or for the 2011 and 2012 World Cross Country Trials. Note: Bill Roe in an e-mailed report said he is finalizing the bid for submission electronically to PNTF's bid committee, to Mike Scott, National XC Chair, and to Jim Estes and Andy Martin at the National Office.  Bob Springer reported that the USATF Cross Country Committee has received bids from Kentucky for 2009 and from San Francisco.  Patti Petesch said she has submitted a request for Jefferson Golf Course for PNTF's Cross Country for 3 weeks prior to the National XC races.



A.    USATF Association Workshop August 28-30 in Des Moines Iowa: Patti Petesch said she and Darlene Hickman and Kwajalein Griffin would be attending.

B. Donation: Lawrie Robertson said that over 10,000 High Schools use their site to list their athletes' performances.  It is operated by two young men from Life Christian College in Oregon.  They are really neat guys who are helping tons of schools with reporting their T&F performances.  It was moved, seconded, and approved to donate $50 to  Another comment was all coaches should go to the website and donate.  Note: Gwen Robertson has supplied a mail address for contributions. Bowdoin Consulting, c/o David Bowdoin, 594 Detrick Dr. #7, Grants Pass OR 97527

C.    WIAA/WOA: Bob Springer said Daunte Gouge will lead the effort to get WIAA and WOA coordinated on certified officials for High School meets. Daunte Gouge, Bob Springer, and Lawrie Robertson are the task force leading the WIAA/PNTF efforts.  Carole Langenbach mentioned that Daunte's father died unexpectedly and she will send condolences from the PNTF.  Bob Springer said he could do a tour of Eastern Washington and easily do four clinics.

D.    PNTF Annual Meeting Date:  Bob Langenbach reported that Darryl and Holly Genest cannot make the traditional date which would be the fourth Sunday of September, and would appreciate it if the date could be moved to Sunday September 20th for this year.  After some discussion, Bob said the PNTF Board Meeting dates are the third Monday of January, April, June, August, October, and November, and it would be unfortunate if PNTF Youth stalwarts Holly and Darryl couldn't be at our Annual Meeting.  Patti called Kenny Emerick to see if he could be chef on Sept. 20th.  She reported Kenny would be available, so it was moved, seconded, and passed by the PNTF Board to have the PNTF Annual Meeting on Sunday September 20, 2009.


A.    Youth: Asha Dean was not present.  Patti said that youth participation has dropped.  The JO combined events for 14 and under will be June 21 at Yelm HS.   The individual and team events will be June 27-28 at Sealth HS (SouthWest Complex).  More officials are needed.  Ivars Ikstrums has checked all the JO implements that Kenny Emerick has at his house.  He also advised Kenny on what hammers to purchase.  Ivars will be the JO hammer official and weights and measures official on July 27-28.  Patti said that the PNTF Association is joining with 2 other Associations and competing in the International Simultaneous Marathon against all other countries.

B.    Open: Tom Cotner reported that the PNTF Association has three athletes on USATF International Teams: Joe Grey on the NCAC Mountain team, and Adam Lint and Devon Crosbie-Helm on the 100 km team.  At the NCAA Div II Championships, Jessica Pixler of SPU won the 1500.  In the Div I Championships, Austin Abbott of the UW broke the UW's record for the 1500. Lauren Mathews finished 12th at the USATF 25 km Championships in Grand Rapids Michigan.  Susan Empey won the Masters 25 km.  At the Bloomsday 12 km, Vanessa Hunter and Horace Brader of CNW won.  At Beat the Bridge 8 km, it was again Vanessa Hunter winning and Eric Garner won the men's.  The PNTF T&F Championships at Kings HS on June 13th went well.  There were quite a few junior age competitors.

C.    Masters: George Mathews was not present, but Neal Stoddard said the Masters held their monthly meeting June 5th.  The Seattle Classic will be July 18th, and the USATF Masters Combined Events Championships will be at Kings HS on August 15-16.

a.    Events: Neal Stoddard reported that at the Beat the Bridge 8 km the winners were Kevin McGinnis and Regina Joyce.  Run of the Mill 5 km will be July 7th, Snoqualmie Railroad Days 10 km will be August 22nd, and the Super J 'n J Half Marathon will be September 7th.

D.    RaceWalk: Stan Chraminski said the Emerald City Open was June 13th. Other events will be Portland Masters June 27th, the Seattle Classic July 18th, and the Puget Sound Games in Olympia July 25th.

E.    Officials

a.    PNTFOA: Neal Stoddard said the next meeting will be August 13th at the Langenbachs.  Note: As of August 7th, it appears the August meeting will be skipped and the next will be September 10th.

b.    Certification and Training: See comments in III C above.

F.    PNTF Web Site:  Bob Springer said he would tell PNTF's web master, Becca Gillespy Peter, to add a link to on our site.

G.    USATF Association Committee: Patti Petesch said there was a May 31st conference call.  Karen Krsak is the Chair and announced there will not be a June meeting, but there will be one on July 18th.

H.    Bill Roe's Report:  Bill Roe had e-mailed a report to Darlene Hickman, which she read.  Briefly, the CNW All-Comers Meets are having BIG attendance, bigger than any other All-Comers in the last 20 years.  The Subway Washington Games schedule is Saturday July 18 at Magnuson Park for the 5 or 10 km Road Run, Walk, and Relay and Sunday July 19 also at Magnuson for a Cross Country Festival.  Wednesday July 22nd will be the T&F Meet at Shoreline Stadium, except for the Hammer and Steeplechase which will be at West Seattle Stadium.

I.    USATF BoD: Darlene Hickman reported there will be a conference call on June 18th to discuss the proposed Nike contract.  There will be a Board retreat on July 17-19 in Indianapolis.


Following the schedule presented and approved in January, the next PNTF Board Meeting will be August 17, 2009.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Bob Langenbach

PNTF Secretary