The PNTF Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, September 28, 2008 at the Discovery Park Visitors Center, 3801 Government Way, Seattle, WA

Committee Meetings are at 1:00 p.m.

Hosted lunch at 2:30 p.m.

Annual Meeting at 3:00 p.m.


Minutes of the PNTF Board Meeting of August 11, 2008

President Patti Petesch called the meeting to order in the Board Room of the Seattle Parks and Recreation Headquarters Building at 7:01 p.m. Additional persons present were: Neal Stoddard, Stan Chraminski, Doris Heritage, Darlene Hickman, Bill Hickman, Char Engelhardt, Bob Springer, Kwajalein Griffin, Carole Langenbach, Bob Bowman, Tom Cotner, and Bob Langenbach.

    1. Minutes: The minutes of the June 16, 2008 Board Meeting were approved as published on the PNTF web site. Note: The minutes for the last several years are posted on the PNTF web site,
    2. Treasurer's Report: Gwen Robertson was not present, but she had given her report to Carole Langenbach. Gwen has requested that the Youth and Open committees e-mail her at, giving their proposed budget for 2009. Masters and Officials General Fund have already responded. Please do so before the November meeting so she will know how much money to retain, before putting the extra in interest bearing CDs. The balances as of August 7, 2008 are: Youth -- $16,884.18; Open -- $7,130.30; Open Chair Fund -- $4,056.00; Masters $7,038.43; General Officials -- $1,104.52; Fred Dean Youth Travel Fund -- $7,021.92; General Fund -- $18,431.79. The report was approved.
    3. President's Report: President Petesch announced that the PNTF Annual Meeting would be on September 28th at Discovery Park (at no charge!). The Northgate Facility was not available. We will use approximately the same schedule as last year.
      She had again submitted the receipts for her last year's expenses at the USATF Association Workshop to Sherry Quack at the National Office.
      Patti will meet with Tim Gallagher, the Superintendent of Seattle Parks and Recreation, in September concerning West Seattle Stadium. Mr. Gallagher has taken the project money that was to be used to remodel the restrooms in the North Stands and allocated it elsewhere.
      Andy Soden, the Seattle Parks Golf Course head is back in town. Patti instructed Bob Springer, Doris Heritage, Bob Langenbach, and Bill Hickman to meet with him about a Cross Country course on one of Seattle's Golf Courses.
      This year is a Competition Rule Change year in USATF. Kenny Emerick is proposing a change from a 4kg shot to a 3kg shot for one of the lower age groups.
      Patti has set up a meeting with Asha Dean to determine the money raised from the Fred Dean Golf Tournament and get it transferred to the Foundation.
      Restructuring will be a major topic at the USATF Annual Meeting, so it will be an agenda item at the PNTF Annual Meeting.
      She said Paul Merca had proposed bringing Doug Logan, new USATF CEO, to PNTF's Annual Meeting. There was some discussion, and it was noted that he will be at the USATF Associations Workshop August 22-24. It was moved, seconded, and passed that PNTF not extend an invitation to Mr. Logan for our Annual Meeting. At this point, Stan Chraminski raised the idea of inviting him to the PNTF Awards Banquet. This was taken under advisement by President Petesch.
    4. Vice President's Report: Char Engelhardt had no report.
    5. Membership Report: Janell Kaufman had not submitted a report, but Carole said that there undoubtedly has been little change this late in the membership year.
    6. Office Manager: Carole Langenbach said that, after consulting with Bob Springer, she had purchased 5 more years of the domain name from Network Solutions for $99.95. Our right to the name was expiring, the Treasurer was out of town, and quick action was necessary. The purchase was approved. Thank you Carole.
    1. Fred Dean Youth Travel Fund: Patti Petesch covered this in her President's Report.
    2. Hytek Organizational License: Kenny Emerick was not present.
    3. Reimbursement to PNTF from USATF for Association Workshop: Patti covered this in her President's report.
    4. PNTF Membership Chair: Patti said we received 5 applications: Stan Chraminski, Tracy Silva, Bill Roe, Char Engelhardt, and Kimberly Brooks. She will chair the selection committee and appointed Carole Langenbach, Gwen Robertson, and Doug Chandler as members. The interviews will be conducted after the Olympics as two of the members are leaving tomorrow for Beijing.
    5. West Seattle: Patti covered this in her President's Report.
    6. Golf Course Cross Country: Patti said she would set up a meeting with Andy Soden and the other committee members (Bob S, Doris, Bob L, Bill H). Bob Springer said Jefferson will undoubtedly be the course.
    7. PNTF Annual Meeting: Patti covered this in her President's Report.
    8. PNTF Officer Nominations: Carole Langenbach reported she had the following nominations: Bill Hickman for President; Char Engelhardt, Kwajalein Griffin, Derrek Berkompas, and Neal Stoddard for VP; Bob Langenbach for Secretary; and Gwen Robertson for Treasurer. The report was accepted.
    9. USATF Associations Workshop: Patti had announced it is August 22-24 in her report.
    1. Bylaws Proposal: Carole said PNTF's bylaws need revision with respect to our grievance procedure. She asked Bill Hickman to use the USATF approved template and change it. She also suggested we change the PNTF Bylaws concerning the number of Board Meetings. After some discussion, it was decided to change to 6 meetings a year. The final wording of the changes will be posted on the PNTF Web site and will be voted on at the Annual Meeting. Note: Go to: to see the proposed bylaws changes. These can be modified at the Annual Meeting before a final vote.
    2. USATF Annual Meeting: It will be in Reno December 3-7. A vote on restructuring the Board will be voted on at the First General Session the evening of December 3rd. Thus, PNTF's delegates need to be in attendance that first evening.
    1. Youth: Asha Dean was not present, but Char reported the Regional T&F Meet was held in Spokane. It went well. Inland Northwest's new chair, Kim Kutsch worked hard, but PNTF Officials did yeoman duty keeping the meet on track. Youth Nationals are in Omaha. PNTF had 238 registered to go to Omaha, but many didn't show. Victims of high gas prices? There were 5,700 entrants. Char said she disagrees with the "4th place to Nationals, if one of the top 3 drops out." She says there must be a standard to be met to allow the 4th placer to go.
    2. Open: Tom Cotner said that PNTF athletes finished 2, 3, 4 at the White River 50 Mile. He said that the National teams will be named for the World Mountain Trophy and the 100 km World Challenge. Upcoming PNTF Road Championships are the Super J 'n J Half Marathon on September 1st, and the PNTF Cross Country November 2nd at Lower Woodland. He said that CNW did well at the Masters Championships in Spokane.
      1. a) MUT: Scott McCoubry was not present.
    3. Masters: George Mathews was not present, but Carole announced that the Weight and Superweight Championship will be September 5th at West Seattle, and the Ultraweight Pentathlon Championship will be held September 6, also at West Seattle. There will be an athlete and officials reception on September 5th at Camp long. There is on-line registration for these events.
      1. Events: Neal Stoddard said the Super J n' J Half Marathon will be September 1st.
    4. RaceWalk: Stan Chraminski thanked the officials who helped at the Seattle Classic, the Puget Sound Senior Games, and the USATF National Masters Championship in Spokane. PNTF garnered 8 medals in Spokane. He said Dan Sutish (sp?) wants PNTF to put on a RW National Championship. Allen James, ex-PNTFer, walked well at the Olympic Trials
    5. Officials:
      1. PNTFOA: Neal Stoddard reported that there was no PNTFOA meeting.
      2. Certification and Training: Bill Hickman said PNTF officials are able to start a race every 43 seconds, but at Spokane Masters, there was from 6 to 8 minutes between races. Bob Springer said Marny Burdega, who was the head javelin official at Spokane, thanked him and the other PNTF Officials for the training she received here. Bill Hickman said there will be an Introduction to Officiating October 11 at UPS in Tacoma.
    6. Web Site: Bob Springer said the site is up to date.
    7. USATF Associations Committee: Bill Roe was not present, but had e-mailed in a report. "Lots of activity centered around the restructuring, which will be part of the workshop. If Mrs. Hickman is planning to be a candidate for something-although right now we don't know how the officer roles will shape up-she should be there."
    8. USATF BoD: Bill Roe was not present, but had e-mailed in a report. "A June meeting resulted in a proposal to drastically downsize the Board. Most other items have been put on hold pending further discussions with L&L and the USOC. However, on a subsequent call, the other major item dealt with was a 19-1 vote to approve Doug Logan as our new CEO on July 17. Doug officially started on July 21, as I introduced him to the staff in Indianapolis. So far, the transition has been smooth."
    9. Pacific Association Grievance: Bill Roe was not present but had e-mailed in a report. "At this writing, there is no grievance. Nothing has been filed." Bob Bowman said that Pacific Association will continue digging (Jim Elias got fired over this) and eventually file a grievance.
      Correction from Bill Roe via e-mail on Sept. 25th: "Jim Elias was not fired. He was hired to a firm two-year employment contract to protect his employment. He has his critics, but he is invaluable as an employee of USATF -- and an asset to us."

The PNTF Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, September 28, 2008 at the Discovery Park Visitors Center, 3801 Government Way, Seattle, WA

The meeting was adjourned at 8:51 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Langenbach

PNTF Secretary

PNTF Secretary