The next PNTF Board Meeting will be held April 19, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Seattle Parks and Recreation Building at 100 Dexter Ave. N.

Minutes of the PNTF Meeting of January 18, 2010

President William Hickman called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. in the Seattle Parks and Recreation Building, 100 Dexter Ave. N., Seattle. In addition to President Hickman, the following were present: Char Engelhardt, Darlene Hickman, Doris Heritage, Patti Petesch, Kwajalein Griffin, Carole Langenbach, Gwen Robertson, Bill Roe, Tom Cotner, Bob Springer, Bob Bowman, Ivars Ikstrums, Lawrie Robertson, Stan Chraminski, and Bob Langenbach.

A. USATF Annual Meeting Delegate Reports: President Hickman mentioned his past experiences as a delegate. Show up at meetings and gain info, be at final General session for votes. PNTF has wielded lots of power as our delegates are there and pass info around. Secretary’s Note. I am inserting the e-mailed reports from those who submitted them.
a. William R. Hickman: Overall this was an extremely positive meeting. When we arrived early in the week it was evident that significant groups were pulling the organization in 6-8 different directions. As with most such disputes what was at issue was power or money or both. Over the years several groups had been allowed to assume semi-autonomous status. The new administration found this lack of accountability to be unacceptable. Over the next several days numerous meetings and confrontations were held in conjunction with proposed Rule and L&L changes. The out come of this effort by all the parities was evident at the Closing Session. When the L&L package came up Chairman Murphy moved for its acceptance. That motion was then expressly seconded by several of the Chairs who had been involved in the disputes. The L&L package passed by acclamation. In my view the body has trust and confidence in the Board of Directors and the President. The CEO is still viewed with some skepticism, as he “is not part of the family” yet. The high point of the Annual Meeting was the induction of Coach Ken Foreman into the USATF Hall of Fame. PNTF purchased an adjacent table and with the help of some champagne made sure it was a joyous occasion. In his induction speech Dr. Foreman acknowledged PNTF and specifically stated that if it were not for the PNTF Officials there would be no Track & Field in the Pacific Northwest. The low point was that after 29 consecutive years there was no PNTF Reception. The confluence of several factors resulted in there being “no room at the inn” for our reception. Next year, we will be back. There were a couple other disappointments. After an initial vote to prohibit the Officials Selection Committee members from selecting themselves for the big deal meets, a second vote allowed the practice to continue. And an initial vote to reject the sub bantam class (8-3) was later reversed 13-2. OTHER ITEMS OF NOTE: Adult transfers will be a ministerial act by the National Office. Masters T&F and Masters RW is 35 and over. Master’s LDR is 40 and over. A Committee on Diversity and Leadership has been established. The Ethics Committee has been substantially revised. The grievance section has been significantly rewritten. The “one false start and out” rule was adopted. There was some tinkering with the definition of false start. The new false start rule will apply to the upper two divisions of youth. Judy Christensen was selected to officiate at the 2010 USATF Indoor Championships. Paula Brown was selected to officiate at the 2010 USATF Outdoor Championship.
b. Char Engelhardt, Head of Delegation: Since a whole lot of PNTF delegates are interested in the youth activities, I will let someone else cover the majority of that. As Regional Coordinator for Youth, our meeting informed us that ‘On-Line’ registration is in the works and will be testing in a few associations this summer. I also learned we lost another of our members from the coordinators as Lori Smith Thompson out of CA has resigned. Cannot give you her replacement’s name yet. Other interests was Ron Mascarenas, one of the coordinators was selected as the Western Zonal Rep which makes him a member of the youth exe board. This is good because Ron is also the XC Chair for our national youth board and hopefully we can get some action regarding our HS’s and more involvement because Ron thinks and feels the same as WE do. Since sub bantams were voted to be a separate division starting in July 2011, it will be a division at the 2010 Region 13 Regional Meet July 8-11, 2010 at the SouthWest Community Center (Sealth). Events will include the 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, LJ, and 2k SP. It was again noted as coordinator we need to be sure that sigs on the entry from for now and until on-line entry begins must be a parent or legal guardian. I also attended the Sanctions 101 session with Patti Petesch. It was explained as to the importance of being sanctioned by USATF for our events. It was again mentioned that this process will soon be ‘on-line’. Other processes with the distribution of forms and processing sanctions were explained to us but has not changed as such untio on-line entry begins. Also included was the liability insurance program and you can never hear enough explanations about how, what, and why so I listened and actually learned some more.
c. Doris Heritage: My assigned meetings were to consist of Womens' X-C and Distance Running.
The meetings were often conducted simultaneously and for once Womens' LDR did not use all of its time slots, being able to cover their items during closed Executive sessions. So, my notes are not all inclusive.
Womens' LDR Notes: Awards, L and L, and Race Reports were reviewed briefly. Since the X-C World Championships will now be contested on uneven years, the Half Marathon could be held on even years, contested also in March. The USA could be capable of hosting this competition.
A problem concerns the withholding of taxes on prize money in the USA.
The Board's added responsibilities were reviewed, such as bid approval, accountability of committees, accountibility of injured athletes at the Eugene Trials. Commencement of a mentoring program. Jenny Crane was recommended to mentor athletes at important meets such as Nationals/Trials. Possibly name the program for her and raise money for her?
Mountain and Trail Running: The attainment of championship status is to be celebrated, however, this includes the wearing/using of only USATF sponsor Nike equipment. Other faithful companies will no longer be able to supply clothing and equipment.
Cross Country:
Upcoming Events
2009 Club Championships (very successfuly contended in Lexington, KY: 12/12/09)
2010 USA Championships ( Spokane: 2/13)
2010 NACAC/Americas XC Championships (Tobago: 3/6...first time outside USA)
2010 World XC Championships ( Bydgoszcz, Poland: 3/28)
Coaching staff to include PATTY LEY as jr. women's team leader, along with Mary Shea, sr. team leader, Robert Chapman, jr. men's team leader and Dan Green sr. men's Team leader
2010 Masters (Ft. Vancouver: 10/10)
2010 Club championships (Charlotte, NC: 12/11)
2011 Club Championships ( SEATTLE, WA: 12/10/11)
2011 World XC Championships (Punta Umbria, Spain: 3/20/11
Past Events:
2009 USAChampionships (Derwood, MD: 2/7..highly successful)
2009 NACAC Championships (Orlando, FL: 3/7...time to move on to another country)
2009 World Championships (Amman, Jordan: 3/28...went well, tough course)
*The Master's 5K event was cancelled due to multitudinal difficulties. Contestants who had previously purchased transport tickets were reimbursed.
SWOT Report for XC: Committee contributions were unified and complete with chairman MikeScott's final summary well received.
World XC Championships changing to odd years only after 2011 could bring some positive opportunities for both international championships (half marathon) and for the USA. The Half Marathon Championships is an example of a competition the USA could acquire and other competitions, like the NACAC XC Championships could be enhansed, along with duals with Canada, and Asian competitions as examples.
The financing and sponsorship of USA competitions and the sport itself was again discussed.
d. Norris Frederick: I learned a lot at the annual meeting about T&F. I talked to Melissa Beasley for a long time about whereabouts and other things concerning my career. Thank you for everything.
e. Bob Bowman: To me the most significant matter presented at the 2009 USATF Annual Meeting was the 2010 Proposed Budget. This budget was developed and approved by the Board of Directors, Budget & Finance Committee and the National Office. It was stated that the “long term plan” was used as a guide, yet no such plan was ever presented – only vague vision statements. This budget showed a lack of fiscal responsibility and clearly would never be approved by any reputable accounting firm. The proposed 2010 budget shows projected revenue of over $21 million, a 54% increase over the 2009 revenue which was over $3 million less than the 2008 actual revenue. No credible explanation was presented to verify this number. Only the following statement was given: “Revenue includes contracted sponsorships, including the new Nike contract, and new sponsorship goals, along with carefully constructed estimates and goals for growth in other revenue streams such as USOC support, memberships, sanctions and merchandise sales.” The problem with this statement is the fact that USATF actually is getting less money from Nike, sponsorship goals are meaningless until realized, and getting increased money from the USOC is less likely following public insults by the USATF CEO directed at the members of the USOC Board of Directors. Combine these facts with the current economic environment, makes this projected budget ridiculous. On the expense side of the 2010 budget many established programs (youth, LDR, masters, etc.) along with fixed expenses such as salaries and other administrative needs showed large increases. It is obvious that when the money doesn’t materialize, it will be the programs that will be drastically cut along with a large budget deficit. Race Walking. The National Race Walking Committee has spent much of its recent efforts on a development plan for race walking. Various ideas and proposals were presented at the annual meeting. Despite the dwindling numbers of elite walkers, the youth race walking program has developed several world class younger walkers. Most notably are the performances of Tyler Sorrensen (age 15) and Trevor Barron (age 17). The latter finished 4th in the 2009 IAAF World Youth Championships, beaten only by three walkers a year older than Trevor. IAAF Technical Officials Committee: I attended the annual meeting of the ITOs/ATOs and international (Level II & III) race walking judges. The meeting focused on feedback from major national and international competitions held during 2009. Better officiating as well as the advancement of officials to the various certification levels was also discussed. Included in the feedback from last year’s Outdoor Championships in Eugene was a letter from Jerry Colman who was critical of some aspects of the conduct of this meet. He felt that the support for the assigned NTOs was lacking. He specifically took the Games Committee to task for the housing of NTOs and other key officials in the dorm, two to a small room, while the rest of the Games Committee resided at a hotel.
f. Bob Springer: I was somewhat amazed at the Masters LDR meetings. They spend a lot of time not doing much. I think the most of the time they were discussing how to value a time in one race as opposed to another race at a different city. This was all in relation to their awards for each age group. They did award one championship, but that was unopposed and so didn't take long.
The NOC was, thankfully with the new chair, sedate with no controversy.
There was an election for Treasurer since Darlene's committee had taken our treasurer for the board. Sue Polansky ran unopposed. She had been serving the unexpired term.
The website is no more. All content has been moved to the site, but control is still with the NOC. Going to the old website will redirect to the new one, but any links inside the old one are broken. Before the meeting, I had gone over the clinic handout of important websites and then had to do it again after the meeting.
I did a presentation, which happens to be posted online, with several other officials who were at the last World Masters Championships in Lahti, Finland. It was fairly well received.
I did attend a clinic on the disabled athlete and took copious notes which I will not bore everyone with, but may come in useful for our cross country championships coming up in 2011.
I will add that Ivars did a presentation at my Equipment & Facilities
Specifications Subcommittee and his work was well received. That report was on removing marks from implements. This was my first year as chair of that committee.
g. Ivars Ikstrums: Masters T&F Committee leadership is Gary Snyder – chairman, Janet Smith – vice (will resign 12/31), Jeff Brower – secretary.
1. General information on implements: The Masters T&F committee owns one each of every type of implement (2 in some cases). These exist to loan out to any association that needs implements for a meet. The Committee pays to ship the implements to the association; the association pays to ship them back.
2. Sandy Pashkin reported that far fewer Masters T&F record applications were declined for this year than last year.
3. New Masters category: The WMA has adopted a new W75+ group. The main features of this group are usage of the following implements:
2 kg shot (new implement), 2 kg hammer (new implement), 4 kg weight (new implement), 750 g discus (adopted previously for the W80+ group), 400 g javelin (already in use for W60+), 2 kg hammer specs: 80-90 mm diameter, 1160-1195 mm length, 2 kg shot specs: 80-90 mm diameter, 4 kg weight specs: 95-110 mm diameter (same as 4 kg shot).
There was no discussion about how the new W75+ group might impact the superweight throw and ultraweight pentathlon for that age bracket. An off-line discussion with Jerry Bookin-Weiner yielded a strong desire to not touch the SW & UW at this time. [This will result in the older women now throwing the 4 kg weight in regular competition and the older, heavier weight during the UW Pentathlon.]
4. General information: The 2010 masters throws championship will be at Benedictine University, in Lisle, IL. Mac Wilkins is bidding on 2012 and 2013.
5. Committee action on proposed rules changes and related matters:
Item 3: Change women’s max shot diameter from 120 mm to 110 mm, to be compliant with WMA. Delete a masters reference to the 12 lb shot, which Masters don’t use. Proposed last year by Ivars Ikstrums, but tabled. Minimal discussion; everyone generally agreed with the proposal. They also agreed to deliberately stay out of compliance with WMA regarding the men’s shot max diameter of 130 mm. Committee voted to approve.
Item 4: Change the 750 g discus dimensions to match those of the 1 kg discus. Proposed last year by Jerry Bookin-Weiner, but tabled. The complaint is the new discus is too small for some women. One lady in attendance said she has already bought two 750 g discuses with the 1 kg dimensions, and likes them. The opposing argument was (a) we should stay in compliance with WMA, and (b) it would be difficult for discus judges in the field to distinguished between the discuses. Committee voted to reject.
Item 8: Add the weight throw to the Masters national outdoor T&F championships. Proposed last year by Jerry Bookin-Weiner, but tabled. Committee voted to approve.
Note: This would not apply to 2010 because this event has already been bid.
Item 9: Delete the weight throw from the Masters national outdoor weight throws championships. Proposed last year by Jerry Bookin-Weiner, but tabled. Committee voted to approve.
Item 11: Revise the wording of Masters to 35+ for in-stadia and 40+ for out of stadia. Committee voted to reject, based on the wording. It is later reworded in terms of Track, RW & LDR and approved.
Item 83: Revise mens outdoor long hurdles specs for M80+. There was some discussion about the individual hurdle spacings, but the Committee voted to approve to remain compliant with WMA.
Item 84: Revise womens implement table to add the W75+ category. Committee voted to approve.
Sandy Pashkin recommended 5/1/10 as the effective date of this change, since the WMA age factors table will change on that day, and she doesn’t want to regenerate all the historical points twice. The Committee concurred.
Sandy Pashkin detailed the new Masters records proposals and what/why was rejected. The Committee voted to approve her recommendations.
6. Sandy Pashkin described the problem with the NSGA national championships this summer in San Francisco. The meet was not sanctioned due to organizers’ oversight. This became a problem because some national records were set. All concerned had a meeting about it, and in the spirit of cooperation with NSGA, the meet was retroactively sanctioned. Of course, this sets a precedent for future sanctions problems.
Sandy also noted some word-of-mouth reports that W&M at the meet was “iffy” and some of the throws & jumps were not performed properly, but the records applications were correctly filled out.
7. 2011 Masters indoor championships site selection. Albuquerque, NM convention center was chosen over the Harry Gladstein Fieldhouse at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
8. Indiana was given the option of taking the 2012 meet. They accepted, pending confirmation of scheduling.
9. 2012 Masters outdoor championships site selection: Benedictine University, Lisle, IL was selected.
10. Meet Manager’s reports from Lahti: Discussion about introducing drug testing into US Masters, Looking into getting a pay-as-you-go physical therapist at the Kamloops games. This would have been nice at Lahti
11. NACAC outdoor championships for 2010: Mexico has dropped out, and a new site needs to be found (and fast). Two possible sites made presentations:
Spokane Sports Commission: They’re hosting six national championships in 2010, and the available dates may be a problem. If they’re awarded Trail Running, then July is out; if they don’t get it, then July is probably ok. And September is iffy due to the fall soccer season.
Statesboro, GA also made a pitch, and seemed a bit more ready to do the job. The joint Committee voted to empower the execs to continue the selection process.
12. John Oleski showed us a 12-minute film called Forever Fast. This was made with the approval and support of the national office. John stressed this copy is still a draft and more material will be added. Also, the title may be a problem because of possible copyright infringement.
The point of the film is to interest people in life-long fitness by participating in Masters T&F. Most of the current footage is from Oshkosh last summer, but indoor filming will also be done this winter. The virtual lack of throwing event coverage was pointed out by certain members of the audience.
A discussion ensued on how to implement the video, once it’s complete. Some possibilities include: DVD copies to all associations, copies to running clubs, making an on-line version for USATF and association web sites, cross-advertising at related activities by playing it on a monitor. My thoughts: this appears to be a USATF initiative to compete with NSGA.
13. This report is reduced in size from my daily notes. Additional detail on these subjects is available on request. And, although not related to Master T&F, I also have separate notes from the IAAF Technical Officials Committee meeting, EFSS Committee meeting, and the Safety clinic.
14. Final Shot --The best quote of the week, during the Officials Meeting, by David Katz: “Nobody ever paid a nickel to watch an official.”
h. Bill Roe: Even though my registration was funded by USATF, I will submit a brief report on my activities:
I attended meetings nearly non-stop from Wednesday morning to Sunday
morning. Some were in line with my position for Men's LDR with
Organizational Services, and some were replacing Tom Cotner in Men's
LDR and other meetings he usually goes to. Major meetings included:
Credential reports are getting easier to approve as Associations get
the message that we are not tolerating ignorance of the bylaws
governing delegation makeup, or the effects of not following
accreditation processes completely. There are still several
Associations which are not complying with the process, and they will
be addressed by the Board in March. Site selection was not an issue
this year, since we have sites awarded out to 2014. There were
several committee elections, including regional reps in Youth, which
proved to be the only contentious one. Most elections were
uncontested. Two organizations applied for membership, and one of
them does not fit into a current membership category. As a result, Ed
will lead a study over the next year to potentially bring back the
"Affiliated" membership category. Additionally, the Associations
Executive Committee has asked for changes in the accreditation
standards, and those were approved by the committee. As committee
secretary, I have delivered draft notes to Ed Koch for his review.
Devon Martin was confirmed as Club Council chair in an earlier e-mail
vote. Her replacement as Club Council vice-chair will be voted on in
an e-mail nomination and voting process to be held later this winter.
Club Council has had great success with the two championships, and is
faring okay with regional competitions. Track & Field nationals will
be July 9-10 at SFSU in the Pacific Association. Cross Country will
be December 11 in Charlotte, NC. Some concerns are still out there
about clubs which recruit from outside their Association, and what can
be done to prevent all-star clubs. In the absence of the secretary, I
took notes, and those notes are being reviewed by Devon.
We are waiting to see the full ramifications of the IAAF going to odd-
year world cross, alternating perhaps with world halfmarathon. Club
cross is in Lexington next week (it was successful), and Charlotte
(2010) and Seattle (2011) have been awarded. For winter cross,
Spokane is in February, but no further sites have been awarded. World
cross 2010 is in Poland, and in 2011 in Spain.
Men's LDR addressed its usual plethora of issues, including the
potential move of the world halfmarathon to spring (perhaps
alternating with world cross), cooperation between men's and women's
long distance running to ensure better teams and team staff services,
2012 marathon trials bid procedure, and rules changes. On the latter
topic, one issue of concern has become the question of when are
results actually official. When, as a result, does the protest period
begin and end? There was considerable discussion of bid awards, and a
lengthy list was approved for 2010 and 2011. Team staffs were
determined for the two international events in 2010, Chiba and the
World Halfmarathon. Yours truly will be recommended to the CEO for
the world halfmarathon event.
Many of the same issues were on the docket for the LDR Division. Fred
is very happy to see the headphones issue disappear except for
I attended about 2/3rds of a session of RRTC, and the agenda was
thorough. Much debate centered around expiration of certification for
courses, and re-certification. RRTC also set up its annual
measurement contest.
There was considerable angst in the Associations Executive Committee
over restructuring. Lionel Leach presented youth concerns. Karen
steered the committee carefully through the discussion. Most members
seemed to be on board by the end of the session, and ready to go out
and sell it to their Associations. The workshop agenda for Buffalo in
August was discussed. Changing the accreditation standards (which we
moved forward to Organizational Services later in the week) were
approved for submission to the Board.

These are not comprehensive reports, but just brief summaries. I have
more information, plus copies of the minutes of most of the above
meetings, if you are interested.
i. Patti Petesch spoke on her attendance: I mainly attended Associations Committee. The Chair is Karen Krsak. The committee is trying to work it out so that race sanctions can be done on-line. Big task.
j. Kwajalein Griffin spoke on her attendance: I couldn’t get there until Thursday and attended mostly Youth Committee meetings. Boring.
k. Darlene Hickman: I attended Indianapolis not as a delegate but as an ex. Officio, non-voting Board Member and Secretary of the USATF Board of Directors. I ended up having multiple jobs. Going into Indy, I was overseeing the multiple conference calls that the Board was having on the L&L issues. I was also coordinating the Awards to be given out at the Opening Session, the Awards Breakfast, and the Jesse Owens Banquet.
The small crisis of Walter High resigning his position on the Organization Services Comm. caused some concern because there was some reluctance in finding a replacement that was agreeable to our President. This delayed the appointment of Ed Koch to the position but once that was confirmed, and when Bill Roe was confirmed as the Secretary of that committee then we could move forward. I was then appointed as Board Liaison to the Organization Services Committee.
Due to the multi-talented Past President Roe of 8 years, and his incredible organizational skills, the USATF office staff was unaware of all of the organization that went into the actual planning of the Opening Session, the Closing Session, the Awards Breakfast and the multiple other things that is necessary at the Annual Meeting. Plus, we added a new feature, “Coffee with the Board of Directors, CEO and President” that had to be coordinated and had never been before. So my job became monitoring and coordinating all of the planning between staff and our President. I believe most things went quite smoothly and I am pleased with the work that the USATF staff did on short notice. Some people were very competent. Doug Logan for all of his faults, does run a tight ship with Mike McNees at the helm while he is gone. Mike is extremely competent and does run a good office. President Hightower is a very capable organizer and is very thorough.
I did manage to attend the Women’s T&F meeting and Sue Humphrey looked organized and has a good working Board. I am very pleased that Terry Crawford has been working at the USATF office and is organizing the development of the educational program for Coaches so it is easily accessible and will be able to receive credit as it has in the past.
I only had one complaint after attending the meeting and that is that I was informed that Ms Humphrey selected Linda Melzer to be the Women’s T&F Rep to the Officials Selection Committee. Perhaps there was a better selection.
The Diversity Committee is now a Committee. I am co-chair with Dexter McCloud. The committee will be working on Leadership Development in the near future.
I am currently working on a calendar with past-President Roe to enable the USATF staff in the future, armed with some guidelines to help the organization along the way. Also many people did leave the office that had the institutional memory but did not leave notes to what had been done in the past.
There was a difficulty with many of our chairs in that many were new and did not do their own research and relied on others for information, sometimes it was incorrect, and after a heated discussion, the apologies came and we were able to move forward again. It was a building of trust for all this year. I look forward to next year to changes that will streamline the Annual Meeting so that more can be accomplished with the membership.
l. Will Conwell: His e-mail reported that he spent most of the session attending Athletes Advisory sessions and learned a lot of the workings of USATF. He thanked PNTF for supporting him, but said he is moving to Opaleika, AK to further his training and won’t be able to represent PNTF in the future.
B. Election of PNTF’s Ken Foreman Contributor of the Year
The following were nominated: Ivars Ikstrums by Lawrie Robertson, Mick Holt by Char Engelhardt, Holly Genest by Bob Springer, Duncan Atwood by Doris Heritage. A secret ballot was held. The winner will be announced at the PNTF Annual Awards Banquet. Secretary’s note: Holly Genest was announced as the Ken Foreman Contributor of the Year at the banquet. Congratulations Holly!
C. Sanctions Report: Carole Langenbach presented her report. There were 119 sanctions with total money in of $46,437. The fees to USATF were $35,830. After other expenses, income to PNTF was $7, 667.43. The report was approved unanimously.
A. Minutes: The Minutes of the PNTF Board Meeting of November 16, 2009 were approved as posted.
B. Treasurer: Gwen Robertson distributed her report to the officers. It was moved, seconded and passed that the report be accepted. The balances in the various accounts as of December 17, 2009 are: Youth $13,303.68; Open $10,631.07; Open Chair’s Fund $2,567.69; Masters $10,463.05; General Officials $1,372.43; Fred Dean Youth Travel $6,344.75; General $31,755.29.
C. President’s Report: President Hickman said he had received a thank you from Bruce Flanagan of the Flanagan Clan Club thanking PNTF for its support of NO SUB BANTAM division.
D. Vice President’s Report: VP Kwajalein Griffin said Asha Dean had told her that the age group nationals may have drug testing. Athletes will have to declare the drugs they are using.
E. Membership Report: Tracy Silva had sent in her report of 268 youth members, 138 Open members, and 265 Masters members. There are 15 clubs renewed already.
F. Office Manager: Carole Langenbach had no report.
A. Annual Awards Dinner: Char Engelhardt said it will be February 6th, 2010. A speaker is needed. Suggestions were Jessica Pixler and Duncan Atwood. It was decided that Patti will ask Jessica.
B. Fred Dean Memorial Youth Committee: Chair Asha Dean was not present. Patti Petesch had nothing to report.
C. Club Cross Country 2011: Bob Springer said hea and Bill Roe met prior to this meeting. They’ve tentatively set up committees and committee heads and votes.
D. WIAA/WOA Certified Officials Task Force: Bob Springer said he is working with Daunte Gouge.
A. Youth: Asha Dean was not present. Patti Petesch reported there will be a Youth Workshop in Texas this year.
Open: Tom Cotner said Joe Gray was selected as Mountain Runner of the Year by USATF.
B. Masters: George Mathews was not present.
C. Race Walk: Stan Chraminski said there will be a RW on April 11, 2010 at West Seattle.
D. Officials
a. PNTFOA: Neal Stoddard was not present.
b. Certification and Training: The PNTF web site lists several sessions -- February 6th at 100 Dexter Ave. N. in Seattle, and February 8th and 22nd at University of Puget Sound in Tacoma.
E. Website: Bob Springer said that things are progressing and it is up to date.
F. Associations Committee: Bill Roe had no report.
G. USATF BoD: Darlene Hickman, had no report.