The next PNTF Board Meeting will be held September 26, 2010 at 2:30 p.m. at Camp Long. 5200 35th Ave SW. Lunch will be served at 2:00 p.m.

Minutes of the PNTF Board Meeting held August 16, 2010

President William Hickman called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. in the Seattle Parks and Recreation Building, 100 Dexter Ave. N., Seattle. In addition to President Hickman, the following were present: Bill Roe, Neal Stoddard, Fred Bingisser, Adam Lint, Ivars Ikstrums, Char Engelhardt, Stan Chraminsky, Kenny Emerick, Bob Springer, Carole Langenbach, Tom Cotner, and Bob Langenbach.

A. Minutes: Bob Langenbach distributed the minutes for the June 2010 PNTF Board Meeting. The minutes have been posted on the PNTF web site. The minutes were approved as posted.
B. Treasurers Report: Gwen Robertson was not present, but had sent her report to Carole Langenbach who distributed the report. Bill Roe noted that part of the report was hand written, saying that was not professional. President Hickman said the report was probably better than 50% of the other Associations. The report was unanimously accepted. The following are the accounts: Youth -- $6,303.68; Open -- $6,560.12; Open Chair’s Fund -- $3,956.35; Masters -- $6,684.30; General Officials -- $2,637.24; Fred Dean Youth Travel -- $4,794.75; General -- $30,411.61.
C. President’s Report: President Hickman said he and Darlene were in Denver at the dedication of the Dr. Evie Dennis Education Campus of the Denver School District. He noted the rapidity at which the campus was completed: Bond issue passed in 2008; Ground broken in 2009; Dedication of completed K-12 project in August of 2010. This never could have happened in Seattle. He said there are some L&L proposals to the USATF L&L Committee even though this is the year for proposals to the USATF Rules Committee. He had received the preliminary material today. The Youth Olympic Games are in Singapore starting this month. David Katz has been selected as one of the persons to measure the 2012 London Olympic Marathon Course. Sue Polansky had sent him the list of nominees for the Officials Hall of Fame. Included on the list were Lawrie Robertson and Lane Dowell from PNTF. The list will be voted on by the Associations Officials Certification Chairs. Bob Springer is a finalist for the USATF Officials Committee Horace Crow Outstanding Field Event Official. The winners will be announced at the USATF National Officials Banquet at the 2010 USATF Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach, VA. At Bill Roe’s request, President Hickman initiated a discussion on a Club and Association transfer for Nicole Hunt. Ms Hunt had been a Washington resident and member of PNTF and CNW in the past, but had moved to Montana. She now wishes to rejoin CNW. After some discussion in which Tom Cotner said the Montana Association is approving the transfer, PNTF voted to approve the transfer of Nicole Hunt to PNTF and CNW. Mr. Hickman mentioned Eastside Runners have contacted him for the PNTF XC schedule. He directed Tom Cotner to handle getting the schedule to Eastside Runners. Bill Roe also mentioned that Martin Rudow has offered to do the program for the 2011 Club Cross Country Championships. Ivars Ikstrums then asked President Hickman to use his position on the USATF Rules Committee to get an errata section in the USATF Competition Rules for the throws.
D. Vice President’s Report: Kwajalein Griffin was not present, but had e-mailed a brief report to the Secretary: She said that she had attended the Youth Level 2 Certification Training from August 1-5th. It was a good training and she would recommend it to all club/high school coaches. They’re also considering condensing the Level 2 Certification Training with the possibility of doing a 4 day class in December.
E. Membership Report: Tracy Silva had e-mailed her report to Carole Langenbach. There are 1,116 Youth members, 265 Open members, and 512 Masters members for a total of 1,893 members. There are 53 Clubs.
F. Office Manager: Carole Langenbach said that usually the Association Group Exemption forms to fill out are handed out at the Association Workshop, but this year she complained to Andy Martin and he mailed it to the Office Manager. She had submitted the requested/required information. PNTF is listed as one of the Associations under the Group Exemption.

A. Club Cross 2011: Bob Springer said the committee had a meeting and Jason Drake (UW T&F and Cross Country Coach) had accepted the position of Meet Director. They had discussed the course layout and were planning to adjust the course so that the odd km points were all at the same position. The even km positions are already at the finish line. Bob also repeated that Martin Rudow had volunteered to produce the program for the competition.
B. WIAA/WOA: Bob Springer had no report.
C. USATF Annual Meeting Youth Officers term grievance: Kenny Emerick said he is working on it. It must be done for this year’s Annual Meeting.
D. Marymoor Park Hammer Facility: Fred Bingisser verbally presented a proposal for PNTF to submit to King County. He noted he had e-mailed it to the Secretary to forward on to President Hickman. The proposal gave a background of the hammer nationally, in Washington State, and locally. It described the type of facility needed and required maintenance. He is planning to coordinate with UW Head Coach Greg Metcalf and Throws Coach Reedus Thurmond. He will refine the proposal after receiving comments.
E. PNTF Annual Meeting: Patti Petesch was not present, but had submitted a flyer for the time and place. It will be Sunday September 26, 2010 at Camp Long, 5200 35th Ave SW in West Seattle. Lunch is at 2:00 p.m. and the business meeting will start at 2:30 p.m. The Youth Committee Meeting will start at 10:30 a.m., the 2011 Club Cross Country LOC also at 10:30 a.m., the Masters Committee at noon, and the Open Committee at 12:30 p.m.
F. MUT Trail Run: Adam Lint reported the results of the PNTF 13 Mile Trail Championships. The Open Men were 1st Uli Steidl ($275), 2nd Paul Limph ($125), and 3rd Chris Charles ($50 Fleet Gift Card). Open Women were 1st Trish Steidl ($275), 2nd Nichole Sellon ($125). Masters Men 1st Peter Oviatt ($275), 2nd James Matsusaka (125), 3rd Bill Higgins ($50 Fleet Gift Card). Masters Women 1st Heather Lewis ($275), 2nd Wendy Wheeler Jacobs ($125).

A. PNTF Nominations Committee: Bill Hickman appointed Carole Langenbach to attract a slate of officer candidates. Additional nominations may be made at the PNTF Annual Meeting September 26th. The elections will follow the nominations.
B. Coaching Education: Tom Cotner said he has several possible clinicians. Heather Kreier of PLU has offered the use of PLU’s facility. He is thinking of January 2011. Peter Thompson has offered his help as a clinician.
C. PNTF Policies and Procedures: Carole Langenbach noted that these are attached to the Bylaws and haven’t been updated since 1985. She presented a Yearly Schedule of PNTF Activities which will be voted on at the October Board Meeting.
D. PNTF Awards Banquet: Char Engelhardt wants to set the date and room size. We will be using the same site as last year but wish a larger room. After discussion, it was approved by the Board to go with a guarantee of 120 persons at $33 each. PNTF will supplement each dinner by $5.
E. USATF Annual Meeting Delegates: Carole said the meeting will be December 2-5 in Virginia Beach, VA. She asked who would be going as delegates. Kenny Emerick, Ivars Ikstrums, Char Engelhardt, Bob Springer, Tom Cotner, Bill Roe, Bill Hickman, Darlene Hickman, Kwajalein Griffin, Patti Petesch, and Asha Dean are planning on attending. If you are interested, contact Carole.

A. Youth Committee: Asha Dean was not present. Kenny Emerick said the JO Association T&F was in June and the Regional was in July. On line registration was a bit of a problem.
B. Open Committee: Tom Cotner said the PNTF Open and Masters Cross Country will be November 7th at Upper Lower Woodland Park. The PNTF 5 km Road Championship was at Mill Creek’s Run of the Mill. Mike Sayenko and Ruth Perkins were the winners. The Club T&F Championships were held in San Francisco. CNW had 6 individual champions. Greg Crowther was named to the US men’s team for the World 100 km Championship and Krissy Mohl was named 1st alternate on the women’s team. Joe Gray was named to the World Mountain Running Championship.
a. MUT – Adam Lint reported the top PNTF performers at the White River 50 Mile Trail run held July 31st. Greg Crowther was 3rd open male in 6:58:10, Scott Jurek 4th Open male in 7:02:49, and Stuart Johnson was 2nd masters male in 7:52:45.
a. Masters Committee: George Mathews was not present. Neal Stoddard reported that there had been no meeting since the one in June. The first place winners at the Run of the Mill 5 km were Tony Young and Chris Marvella. Stuart Johnson and Allison Moore were the PNTF Masters winners at the White River 50 Mile Trail Run. Coming events are the Railroad Days 10 km August 21st and the Super J&J Half Marathon on September 6th. August 21st at West Seattle will be the Regional Weight Pentathlon and the Regional Super Weight Pentathlon. The July 17th Seattle Classic had 220 athletes.
C. Race Walk: Stan Chraminski said the only remaining RW's this year will be in Oregon.
D. Officials Committee
a. PNTFOA -- Neal Stoddard reported that they had not held a meeting. The next will be in September.
b. Certification and Training – Bill Hickman reported that he and Lawrie Robertson will be making a shift in philosophy for their presentations. Bob Springer said there will be a clinic February 14 & 28, 2011 in Tacoma. Mick Holt will be heading it up. Seattle will have a clinic on February 5, 2011.
E. PNTF Website: Bob Springer reported that several people have requested info to be placed on the PNTF web site. He told them to send him the info, and he’ll have Becca Peter put it up. He noted that the Oregon Association is putting on the USATF Masters 5 km Cross Country on October 23, 2010 at Fort Vancouver, WA. That is why there isn’t sign up information on it on the PNTF web site.
F. USATF Association Committee -- Bill Roe said the committee will meet the day before the Associations Workshop.
G. USATF Board of Directors – Darlene Hickman was not present, but Bill Hickman said she told him there would be a conference call next week, and a BoD meeting in Las Vegas in mid September.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Langenbach
PNTF Secretary