The next PNTF Board Meeting will be November 16, 2009 at the Seattle Parks and Recreation Building, 100 Dexter Ave. North in Seattle.

Minutes of the PNTF Meeting of October 19, 2009

President William Hickman called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. in the Seattle Parks and Recreation Building, 100 Dexter Ave. N., Seattle. President Hickman announced he had changed the order of the agenda to ensure we deal with PNTF’s delegation and their assignments, etc. at the USATF Annual Meeting. In addition to President Hickman, the following were present: Carole Langenbach, Patti Petesch, Kenny Emerick, Bob Bowman, Char Engelhardt, Ivars Ikstrums, Darlene Hickman, Bob Sund, Doris Heritage, Neal Stoddard, Bill Roe, Joe Gray, Tom Cotner, and Bob Langenbach.

A. USATF Annual Meeting: Carole Langenbach said she is putting together the required PNTF items so that we will be up to date with USATF. She asked who from PNTF would be attending, and got replies from: Char Engelhardt, Patti Petesch, Bill Roe, Bill Hickman, Darlene Hickman, Ivars Ikstrums, Kenny Emerick, Doris Heritage, Tom Cotner, and Bob Bowman. Carole said Bob Springer and Kwajalein Griffin had told her they would be attending. Char said Asha Dean would be attending. Carole said she had gotten responses from several athletes, and thought Will Conwell and Norris Fredericks would attend. Several other athletes had said they would possibly go to future USATF Annual Meetings, but could not at this time. Carole discussed committee assignments with those present and somehow filled the slots. Carole said the deadline for the early sign-up is November 2. After that, the cost goes up substantially. PNTF will only reimburse delegates for the early sign-up expense.
B. PNTF Hospitality at the USATF Annual Meeting: Kenny Emerick has booked 3 rooms at the Westin which he hopes to have adjoining. That should suffice for the hospitality. After some discussion, it was moved, seconded, and passed that up to $1,000 be allocated for the hospitality expenses.
C. PNTF Annual Meeting Date: Patti Petesch said that traditionally the date was the 4th Sunday in September, but had been shifted to the 3rd Sunday this year to accommodate attendance by Darryl and Holly Genest. After minimal discussion, it was moved, seconded, and passed that the date for 2010 be September 26th which is the 4th Sunday.
A. Minutes: The Minutes of the 2009 PNTF Annual Meeting were approved as posted.
B. Treasurer: Gwen Robertson was not present, but had given her report to Carole Langenbach, who distributed it to the officers. It was moved, seconded and passed that the report be accepted. The balances in the various accounts as of October 15, 2009 are: Youth $13,303.68; Open $7,882.32; Open Chair’s Fund $2,567.69; Masters $5,292.34; General Officials $1,372.43; Fred Dean Youth Travel $6,344.75; General $16,752.85.
C. President’s Report: President Hickman said he met with the L&L Committee in Indianapolis Oct. 2-4. There were 180 pages to discuss. USATF President Stephanie Hightower and CEO Doug Logan were in attendance. The committee reviewed the streamlining done by David Greifinger and Doug Logan of moving ByLaws operational items into the Operating Regulations. Unfortunately, the software being used couldn’t handle the huge file and changes, so what was sent to the BoD for their October 10 meeting was not correct. It has since been corrected, and the BoD will review it in a telecom. Even though it was an off-year for Rules, they were forced to meet for 2.5 hours in a conference call on September 27 to make changes to conform to the changes in the IAAF Rules, mainly as pertaining to new starting rules and concerns with the age group hammer for the older two age groups. USATF President Hightower was in on this conference call also. CEO Logan had planned to be on, but was unable to as his mother had passed away. A concern was raised about the number of officials for meets, so that section of the USATF Rule Book is being revised to indicate the number is only advisory, not mandatory to avoid lawsuits. There had been a bad experience in New England.
President Hickman commented on our successful PNTF Annual Meeting. Many thanks to Patti Petesch for setting up our use of the facility with Seattle Parks and Recreation and thanks to chef Emerick for the meal. We need to get the announcement out sooner, with more information on officer nominations and voting. He noted we really needed a sound system, and should schedule more time, as we rushed to complete our business and cleanup in the allotted time.
At the USATF level, he noted Walter High had resigned as Chair of Organizational Services Committee. Stephanie Hightower has appointed Ed Koch as the new chair, and Bill Roe as the Secretary of the committee. He read some highlights from a Message from USATF President Hightower: the new USATF Board is organized; there was a stellar USATF Senior Championships/World Championship Trials at Eugene; the USOC is having big problems internally. She hopes to have a great USATF Annual Meeting at which she will be continuing her listening tour with Coffee/Tea with the President and CEO to learn from the members and to present the proposed Strategic Plan for the future.
President Hickman said Bob Springer had e-mailed his reports and said his recovery from knee replacement surgery is going well. Secretary’s note: The info from the reports will be included in the appropriate places under Officials, and PNTF Web site.
D. Membership Report: Membership Chair Tracy Silva had submitted her report to Carole Langenbach. As of October 17, there were 49 Clubs, 990 Youth members, 320 Open members, and 543 Masters members.
E. Vice President’s Report: VP Kwajalein Griffin was not present.
F. Office Manager: Carole Langenbach had no report.
A. Fred Dean Memorial Youth Committee: Chair Asha Dean was not present. Patti Petesch said there was no report.
B. Club Cross Country 2011: Bob Springer had e-mailed that Bill Roe should have a report. Bill Roe reported the committee had met. They had contacted several hotels and got their feed-back. The Renaissance from downtown Seattle had decent rates, and there were several from the airport area with good rates. Bill said the UW will be hosting the PAC-10 Cross Country in 2010 and have not selected a site, but are interested in Jefferson, among others. Bill said we are way ahead of the curve on hotels and course, etc. Bill discussed the use of buildings around the Jefferson Golf Course for drug testing, etc. He is thinking about where to have the catered pre and post race meals and awards.
C. PNTF Update Newsletter: Carole Langenbach passed out her draft. She will have the USATF National Office e-mail it out to PNTF members with e-mails listed, and she will snail mail to those with no e-mail. She asked for any input or needed changes.
D. Washington Games: Bill Roe said that the 2010 Washington Games will be Saturday July 17th. It will combine Open and the Masters Classic.
A. Youth: Asha Dean was not present, but Char reported for the Youth. She has all the info for the PNTF JO Cross Country. The deadline is November 10th. Next year, 2010, PNTF will host both the Association and USATF Regional T&F meets. The regional will be July 8-11. The Association will be June 26-27 with the Combined Events on June 20th.
B. Open: Tom Cotner said the PNTF Cross Country will be Nov. 8th at Upper Lower Woodland Park. The first race will be the Community Race at 9:30 a.m., followed by the Masters, Open Women, and Open Men. He is negotiating with Ft. Steilcoom RC trying to add a 6th Championship road race. PNTF athletes have done well recently. Mike Blaesser of CNW ran ~ 2:35 for third in the Twin Cities Marathon. Mike Sayenko ran ~48 minutes for 11th place in the USATF 10 Mile Championship race.
C. Masters: George Mathews was not present.
D. Race Walk: Stan Chraminski was not present, but had e-mailed in he had nothing to report.
E. Officials
a. PNTFOA: Kenny Emerick reported that they will be buying a new trailer, and two electronic performance boards. Bob Springer’s report said they will be purchasing a computer rack system combining all the finish line computer equipment to shorten the setup and teardown time. He also said the UW will have an intersquad meet December 11th, and meets January 16th, January 29th-30th, February 13th, February 14th, MPSF Feb 26th-27th, and March 6th. The evening of February 12th will need a few officials for some 5k’s and DMR’s only. He also reported the UW will host the PAC-10 Cross Country in 2010 but no site has been selected.
b. Certification and Training: Bill Hickman said there would be a beginning clinic February 6, 2010 at Parks headquarters, 100 Dexter Ave. N. Seattle. Darlene Hickman said she is planning some 2 hour renewal classes. Bob Springer’s e-mail said he would be presenting some new material to high school coaches about basic rules they need to know. He will present it next year at the Friday night general session of the coaches annual meeting and at a break out session at the All Sports Clinic (formerly known as the PEMCO Clinic).
F. Website: Bob Springer’s e-mail report said there is not much to report. Items are being posted in a timely manner.
G. USATF Associations Committee: Bill Roe said there was a conference call in September. The main topic was risk management. In Washington State, the records maintenance window is 3 years, or 3 years after the person turns 18, not the 10 that Patti Petesch mentioned at the last meeting. There will be a conference call in October. Traffic on the USATF List Serve has been about the BoD reorganization of the Bylaws and Regulations.
H. USATF BoD: Darlene Hickman, BoD Secretary, said there will be some changes in their meeting schedule at the Annual Meeting. Previously it met prior to the Annual Meeting, but now it will meet at the end. The USATF Annual Meeting opening session will be Wednesday December 3rd at 9:00 a.m.

Announcements: Bob Langenbach said Dr. James Fields e-mailed that Karen Steen of CNW had won the US Masters 45-49 2000 m. Steeplechase, setting a new world record. He also said Dr. Ken Foreman, retired long time SPU and Falcon TC coach has been nominated for the National T&F Hall of Fame as a coach.

President Hickman asked for two new attendees to be introduced. Tom Cotner introduced MUT competitor Joe Gray, who is on the US National team, and winner of several US trail and mountain races. Bob Langenbach introduced Bob Sund, PNTF Master Official. He specializes in the throws and officiated at the USATF Senior Championship and World Team Trials in Eugene this summer.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Langenbach
PNTF Secretary