The next PNTF Board Meeting will be held June 21, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Seattle Parks and Recreation Building at 100 Dexter Ave. N.

Minutes of the PNTF Meeting of April 19, 2010

President William Hickman called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. in the Seattle Parks and Recreation Building, 100 Dexter Ave. N., Seattle.  In addition to President Hickman, the following were present: Bill Roe, Neal Stoddard, Stan Chraminski, Char Engelhardt, Patti Petesch, Kenny Emerick, Bob Springer, Kwajalein Griffin, Carole Langenbach, Adam Lint, Ivars Ikstrums, Doris Heritage, and Bob Langenbach.

  2. Minutes: The Minutes of the January Meeting were approved as corrected with the following changes.  In I A c, Doris Heritage added the date of the Masters Cross Country to be October 23, 2010.  In III A it was noted the speaker for the Annual Awards dinner was Michael Waller. In I A l, Will Conwell is living in Alabama, not Alaska.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Gwen Robertson was not present, but had given her report to Carole Langenbach to distribute.  The report was approved as distributed.  The balances in the various accounts as of April 16, 2010 are: Youth $6,303.68; Open $8,635.12; Open Chair’s Fund $4,062.69; Masters $9,673.61; General Officials $1,762.24; Fred Dean Youth Travel $6,344.75; General $31,047.51.
  4. President’s Report: President Hickman said he had been standing in the rain as a starter for the Seattle High School Track Meets.  Former USATF President Pat Rico is still in a medically induced coma.  The USATF Annual Meeting will now be one day shorter.  Everything will need to be condensed.  The hope is that this will increase attendance and reduce costs for both USATF and the attendees.
  5. Vice President’s Report: VP Kwajalein Griffin mentioned a few items from the USATF Youth Committee: 1. On-line registration is planned for the Youth meets with the forms being reduced from 6 pages to 1; 2. USATF is extending the time to apply for the Mark Springer Youth grants; 3. Any Youth rule changes must be submitted to the Youth Committee by August.
  6. Membership Report: Tracy Silva had e-mailed her report to Carole.  There are 503 Youth members, 190 Open members, 390 Masters members and 39 Clubs.  Of the 39, clubs, 6 are new.
  7. Office Manager:  Carole Langenbach said she had received a thank you note from Jessica Pixler thanking PNTF for her Open Athlete Award.  USATF has paid Directors and Officers insurance for the PNTF Association.


  1. Grievance for Youth Committee Officer Term Extension:  Kenny Emerick asked PNTF’s permission and support in filing a grievance against the USATF Youth Committee for extending the term of Youth Officers without a vote at the Annual Meeting.  Bob Springer moved that PNTF support the grievance and authorize Mr. Emerick to include any others that wish to join in the grievance.  The motion was seconded by Carole Langenbach.  The motion passed unanimously.
  2. On-line Meet Entry:  Kwajalein Griffin and Kenny Emerick described the process.  Kwajalein and Asha Dean were in Dallas March 22, 2010 for the Youth Workshop meeting which explained this.  It requires that clubs will need to have their club number identified by region and association in addition to the standard club number.  For PNTF that is region 13, and association 36.  The registration processing will be done by Coach O, which will be linked on the USATF web site.  Coach O gets money for the process.  Clubs/coaches must be registered USATF Clubs and need to get their roster of athletes and athletes need to have USATF memberships.  There are several options on how the fees will be collected.  Option 1 is for the Associations to collect the money by cash or check and submit the money.  Option 2 is for the Association to accept credit card entry and the person using the credit card will pay the credit card fee and the Coach O processing fee.  Option 3 is for Coach O to collect the fees, and the Association will receive a check minus the credit card and processing fee within 5 days of the event.  Option 4 is for the Association to collect fees via credit cards and checks and charge a $1.00 fee per athlete.  After the Association Meets, the advancing athletes will have to register with USATF for the Regional Meets.

III   Old Business

  1. Fred Dean:  Asha Dean was not present.
  2. Club Cross Country Nationals: Bob Springer said Saul Kinderis, with some helpers, produced a video of how to get from Sea-Tac Airport to downtown Seattle and the Renaissance Hotel (meet headquarters) and to the course at Jefferson Golf Course.  It has not yet been finalized and released.  Patti Petesch said the City of Seattle contract people have sent the contract out to PNTF.  It needs the signatures of PNTF President Hickman, CNW’s Bill Roe, and Seattle Parks Tim Gallager.  There will be a total of 6 races in December 2011.
  3. WIAA/WOA: Bob Springer said Daunte Gouge gave classes in Bellingham and Wenatchee.  Bob also gave a class in Bellingham and will give another class.  Bob and Geof Newing gave a class in Renton
  4. Race Walk: Stan Chraminski said there will be a RW on April 11, 2010 at West Seattle.
  5. PNTF Annual Awards Banquet Wrapup: Char Engelhardt said we need to schedule it earlier with the hotels.  She will look at the first Saturday of February in 2011 for the event at the Embassy Suites in Tukwila, where it was this year.


  1. Youth:  Asha Dean was not present, but Kwajalein Griffin had covered the Youth Committee concerns earlier in II B.
  2. Open: Tom Cotner was not present.  However, he had called in his report to Carole Langenbach.  She said the committee had added a 15 mile road championship in Steilacoom put on by Ft. Steilacoom Running Club.  The Open Champions were Kevin Murphy and Lauren Mathews.  Kevin McGinnis and Susan Empey were Masters Champions.  The next event is the PNTF Open T&F Championship June 19 at Kings High School.
    1. MUT: New Chairman Adam Lint reported results for the Mad 100k in Madison, WI.  Greg Crowther was 2nd and Krissy Mohl was 4th.
  3. Masters: George Mathews was not present.  Neal Stoddard reported the masters held a meeting on April 2nd.  They discussed the Parks meet and relay ages. July 17th will be the Seattle Classic which is the PNTF Masters Championship.  In conjunction with it will be the Washington Games.  The committee voted against having a 4 x 200 event.
    1. Events: Neal reported some results from the World Masters Indoors in Kamloops BC.  Michael Waller won the 60, 200, and 400 and the 4 x 200 relay.
  4. Race Walk: Stan Chraminski thanked PNTF for support at the April 11 5k RW at West Seattle.  There was some discussion about setting the date for the event and announcing it earlier in the year to raise the number of competitors.
  5. Officials
    1. PNTFOA: Neal Stoddard reported that there was no meeting in April.
    2. Certification and Training: Bill Hickman mentioned the classes Bob Springer is putting on for High School officials.  Bob Springer said he was forced to open a Facebook Account listing events so that “connected” officials can join in and respond by that method instead of e-mail.
  6. PNTF Website: Bob Springer mentioned there have been some issues with getting items up in a timely fashion.  If you are having problems, be sure to cc him on the e-mails to Becca Gillespy Peter (
  7. USATF Associations Committee: Bill Roe said the big topic at the last conference call was Coaches Education.  The whole Coaches Ed committee quit after comments by Lionel Leach and Stephanie Hightower.  The worry was that the committee would take material developed by USATF for their own use.  Mr. Leach wants a youth oriented class.  Bill said the Association Committee talked about schools and park departments closing access to tracks because of the budget crunch they are experiencing.
  8. USATF BoD:  Darlene Hickman was not present.

Open items:
Carole Langenbach mentioned that our Association can receive a grant up to $15,000, but we need to apply.
Bob Springer implored everyone to read the concussion info and guidelines on the PNTF website.  Go to


The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Langenbach

PNTF Secretary